ashley cluer
I have leftover cement mixed up, I know that I don’t want to throw it away. I decided to knock up a small, ten by ten centimetre frame from the scrap wood of an abandoned deckchair. 
Pouring the cement into the frame I was unsure what would come of it; tomorrow, once it has dried, would I find brilliant textures and fantastical shapes? 
The next morning, with mild anticipation, I flipped it over to reveal a flat, dull and rather boring slab of cement that sat neatly within its bespoke frame. 
Uninspired, I began mindlessly carving into it following its natural flaws, but as I progressed I began to revel in the result of this arduous process of beautification.
To properly adorn this now sumptuous, curvaceous and highly textured slab of cement, I began pasting and cutting rich yellow and red oils into its dull surface. 
Although I’m unsure what will come of it, for almost-wasted cement and a discarded deckchair, I am actually rather grateful for its invention.