loveday pride
climb the up ladder
I have arranged these studio post-it-notes in an order which appeals to me, but one which is not strictly fixed. A poem - 'Climb The Up Ladder' has come out of this arrangement.
In my practice, I seek to reduce and re-arrange objects of memory which have become inert through familiarity. Not 'collagist', it exists for me within another, utterly real dimension. And it is through the immediately emotive and enticing material condition of the fairground which I borrow an attitude which translates itself through the shifting tonality and lo-fi material quality of the work. These post-it-notes were created from looking around my studio, at characters and landscapes which emerged in paintings and scraps not yet used.
Loveday Pride is an artist currently making work responding to found images and photographs from lo-fi popular arts material to make paintings that present alternate, gleeful or beguiling ways of looking at the world around her.
She graduated from The Ruskin School Of Art, Oxford in 2023 where she was awarded the Gibbs Prize Proxime for Fine Art. In her recent show, Nights at the Circus at Greatorex Street Gallery, she exhibited a series of paintings - on canvas and polythene dust sheet - which explore encounters she might have had in life or in dreams - people in costumes and on floats in Pewsey on Carnival Night, flashes of dancers under canopies and in shop windows, lions parading through church pews dancing in village halls. Her paintings aim to hold these moments together, and for their installation to activate a collective wonder, and a loss of control.