rosa bonnin
I feel most attached to and excited by my work when it is unfinished. There lies the most potential: it is becoming and there is no certainty as to what it will become. Once you decide to stop working on something it no longer belongs to you in the same way. It is no longer growing from your hands and it becomes an object which no longer needs you. I felt so strongly about this drawing as I was making it and was gripped by it totally. The process was challenging, demanding much focus and time
and evolving gradually as I built up and erased layers of tone. I consider it my best work to date as I think it is successful both technically and emotively. However when I decided to finish the piece, the temporary elation and relief of stopping quickly dissipated and turned to a sense of dissatisfaction. I took this as a sign that I needed a break for a few weeks. And now I am ready for the process to start all over again.
Rosa Bonnin is an artist and musician currently studying in London. She loves to swim and to dance and to cycle. She will be starting a music MA at Goldsmiths in September.